Dusty Cupboard is the online sketch book and portfolio of Designer, Stylist and Creative Project Manager, Emma Norris.

I’ve worn many hats during my varied career as a Creative freelancer, I’ve run the gauntlet of managing multiple creative projects for a variety of different clients, from festival design to fashion shoots, I’ve managed and delivered a wide and exciting range of work that I’m very proud of, giving me a creative experience that is uniquely varied with an adaptability and passion for working to the highest standards possible, no matter what the task.

Fascinated with the fantastic and the bizarre, much of my work is rooted in creating immersive and unexpected sets, whether it’s a hidden bedroom, a carnival in a toilet or a secret speakeasy behind a bookcase.

I have over eight years experience working as a freelance prop maker, set dresser and stylist, and have been responsible for designing and building challenging interactive spaces as well as curating themed events and weddings  with Playgroup, Secret Garden Party, Plunge, Brighton and Hove food partnership, Glastonbury and White Label, a creative branding agency.

mouse etch left

For Private Commissions, Design work or if you would like Dusty Cupboard to help style your event or wedding please contact me at emma@playgrouplive.com


Selected  Work and Exhibitions

Intern, Crush Creative

Crush Creative May 2013 –  http://www.crushed.co.uk

Crush Creative are a Brighton based design agency providing creative solutions across all print and digital media. I have recently compleated an internship working with the marketing team to research suitable companies for their expansion into the US market.

Freelance Project manager, Production assistant
Plunge productions 2011 – ongoing 

My latest role as a project manager at Plunge studios has allowed me to apply my organizational skills, and taught me how to effectively run and manage a range of projects. This includes providing bespoke props, for a number of high profile events.

Creative Artistic Director
Playgroup Festival 2010 – Ongoing

Playgroup festival is held once a year on a beautiful site just outside Tunbridge wells, I have been involved since its conception three years ago, as the artistic Director. This role includes producing a photo shoot and viral to help market and promote the festival, sourcing and liaising with non musical participants to the festival including local installation artists and performers. As well as managing an on-site build team who produce theater style props and frontages to make the festival a more visually interesting place.
Art director, prop maker and event designer
White Label

White Label is a creative Branding agency, which I have been working with on large-scale events, producing the look and feel elements for their clients.


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